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Lady 007778

Страна: Венгрия, Грузия
Языки: Английский (Отлично)
Семейное пол.: не замужем
Дети: нет
Возраст: 34 года
Рост: 173 см
Вес: 52 кг
Цвет волос: шатенка
Цвет глаз: голубые
Образование: высшее
Профессия: аспирант
Не курит

Currently and PhD student of Public Administration, Budapest. Master's - International Relations, I like fitness/yoga, going out with friends, having a good dinner with a group of good friends and a glass of good wine, I like reading a lot, also I read interesting articles about psychology and human behavior, visiting spa centers, shopping, taking care of myself, sometimes cooking for a dinner with friends, following healthy lifestyle routines. Goal orientedd from good family. I like to work and do career, but family is always priority for me. I am very private person, not so open for new people, but in family and close friends i am very warm and take care about them. I  like classic literature. Easy going in terms of travel. Respectful to people, appreciate a honesty, dignity and nobility.

Пожелания к будущему избраннику:

looking for an interesting person to communicate with. I will be glad if I meet a person who I can stay friends with no matter what comes out of the date. I appreciate intelligent people who can find time to enjoy life as well. I like traveling and exploring different lifestyles, not only sightseeing, I like communicating with people but I am picky about the ones I stay in touch with. I like to spend time in a lovely atmosphere with nice people and if the relationship goals are not met, hope we would appreciate the time spent together and respect our choices.I am ready to have a serious relationships and invest my time to buit it. I appreciate respectful man with good moral values.

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