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Lady 799685

Страна: Украина
Языки: Английский (Отлично) Французский (Разговорный)
Семейное пол.: Не замужем
Дети: нет
Возраст: 34 года
Рост: 162 см
Вес: 48 кг
Цвет волос: Брюнетка
Цвет глаз: Карие
Образование: Высшее
Профессия: lawyer
Не курит

My greatest value is the ability to realize talents and skills, also a close-knit family My Dreams: to become a famous actress or fashion designer. For me, marriage, first of all, is a source of support and inspiration. I 'm not the kind of woman who thinks getting married "will solve all the problems". I think that for a good union it is necessary to make a lot of efforts. I also won 't be just "sitting in a golden cage" being married, I want to develop my abilities and talents and help my partner achieve goals in life, give him the necessary support. I would say that husband and wife should "strengthen" each other, helping each other to realize their dreams.

Hobby: acting, fashion, singing 

Пожелания к будущему избраннику:

Fit, financially stable, smart and caring, willing to start a family and respecting his partner.

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