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Testimonials of Happy Life matchmaker. Client's review about Happy Life matchmaking service.

Newborn baby girl in the Happy Life family!

Congratulations! We are glad to get happy news from our couple Anna (34 y.o. Russia, Tyumen) and Alessandro (39 y.o. Italy) who became parents the first time!

baby girl

Wonderful baby girl came to this world!

Wholehearted congratulations to Elena Grande and her spouse. They became parents of the wonderful baby girl in September 2020!

baby girl small

Ms. A (25 y.o. New York, USA) and Mr.R (34 y.o. New York, USA)

The wedding of  Mr. R and Ms. A took place on 03.06.202 

Our congratulations!

Marina, you are amazing.  After a few introductions, I was introduced to Ms. A.  She is amazing and we got married one year later!  I highly recommend Happy Life matchmaking service!

wedding2 collage

Anna (34 y.o. Russia, Tyumen) and Alessandro (39 y.o. Italy)

Proposal roses proposal

My name is Anna. I want to share my impressions about my experience with Happy Life matchmaking service.

Actually, a friend of mine forced me to leave my application form in the agency. And trust me, it was not an easy decision for me to search for a loved one through a professional matchmaking service, and even, possibly, meet a foreigner.

 Initially, I did not believe that it can be a successful way, but when the first acquaintances happened, some intrigue appeared.

Several dates were unsuccessful for me, at some point I even “dropped my hands” and I asked to remove my profile from the database ... But, wise Elena Grande convinced me that I should be patient because everything good will happen soon. And she was absolutely right.

I met "my" man, my soulmate. I thought that this meeting only possible in the movies ... Before our first meeting (in Russia), we did not even communicate on Skype. But, when we met in person, we spent an unforgettable 3 days together, we realized that we found each other.

 Of course, before I decided to move to his country we had other meetings. I had my good career in Russia, my favorite job in a bank, but this is nothing compared to how happy I feel now. To love and be loved, to care and to feel care every minute - these are real feelings!

Elena Grande, thank you so much for your support and for your work. You make people happy!

Охаna (45 y.o, Russia) and Raul (50 y.o., Spain)

Video review from the wedding of Oxana and Raul you can watch HERE

Oxana wedding oxana wedding1

Oxana (44 y.o, Russia) and Henrik (50 y.o, Denmark)

One of our Russian-Danish couples officially registered their marriage a week ago. Congratulations! 

image2 image1_2

Dear Oksana and Henrik! ⠀
Congratulations on your Wedding Day! We wish you a long and happy life together.
We are sincerely glad to help you meet! ⠀

Alex (53 years old, New York, USA) and Svetlana (47 years old, New York, USA)

Dear Elena and Marina.
Thank you for introducing Lana to me. We are planning to get married soon. Lana accepted my proposal.


Best wishes
Alex and Lana


Dario (47 y.o, Spain) and Maria (41 y.o, Belarus)

*  the review had translated from Spanish

Dear Elena and Marina, I want to thank you very much for your excellent work! Mary is the woman I could only dream of. She is more than a dream. If not you, I do not know where I could meet her. She is a real Russian princess and I am happy that she will become my wife soon. We have filed already an application for registration of our marriage, there are some formalities left. I always knew that Russian women are very smart, beautiful and educated, but when I saw Mary for the first time, I was impressed, I did not know what to say. She is the most beautiful woman in this world. Thanks again for your advice and recommendation. You were right! She created for me! I recommended your agency to my colleague. He didn’t believe me for a long time until Maria and I had invited him to have lunch)) He’s a good guy, I know him for a long time. I am sure that you will find a good match for him.

Best regards, Dario

Olga (30 years old, Russia) and Mario (34 years old, Italy)

Hello, my dear girls!

I promised myself that you’ll be the first to know about the marriage proposal. So, we are in Paris right now and a few hours ago I got the marriage proposal by Mario in the most romantic place – near the Eiffel Tower! I’m writing it and crying with happiness! You know, I love this city, there is something special in it. And Mario knew it too! He is a real romantic and I saw something like it only in beautiful movies with a happy end. And now it’s my reality. I guess, I still can’t understand that my dream has finally come true and I’ll be a wife soon. A thousand thanks to you for your invaluable work! You work miracles! I and Mario wish your agency more happy couples and prosperity!!

Olga and Mario

Dario (47 years old, Spain) and Maria (41 years old, Belarus)

Dear Elena and Marina,

I want to say a big thank to you for your impeccable work! Maria is the woman I have always dreamed about. And she is even more than just a dream. I don’t think that I would be able to meet her without your help. She’s a real Russian princess and I’m very happy that she’ll become my wife soon. We have already applied for registration of our marriage, there are only some formalities to fulfill. I have always known that Russian women are very clever, beautiful and well mannered. But when I met Maria for the first time, I even didn’t know what to say – she was just the most beautiful woman in the whole world. Thank you again for your advice and recommendation. You were right! She was created just for me! I recommend your agency to my friend Jose. He hadn’t believed me until the moment when I invited him to lunch with Maria. He is a good guy, I’ve known him for some time. And I’m sure that you’ll find a great bride for him.


Respectfully, best regards


Victor, 52 (Reykjavik)

Thank you for your cooperation. It's nice to deal with people who keep their words. Good luck with your business.



Marco (Canada, 44  years old) and Alla (Russia, 34 years old)

отзывы Хэппи ЛайфI want to say thank you very much to Marina Lung (Slinkina) and Elena Grande for what they do! Man of my dreams proposed to me and we will marry soon!

 We have worked with a matchmaking agency since 2015, I got a lot of offers from matchmakers, but still could not choose "my beloved one". The reason for that I am a very picky girl)

Experts gave me a lot of useful information, shared their professional knowledge. 

In the beginning, I never believed in an international marriage. My level of English was not so good, that is why I had a lot of concerns and worries, but Elena and Marina did not allow me to lose heart.

Girls are always supportive and helpful.  Finally, I found a man, with whom I feel absolutely happy! It's worth it!

Thank you again for your work, for your coaching, faith in love, and admonish people in that!

Peter (Denmark, 38 years old) and Elina (Russia, 34 years old)

It all started a few years ago after I had visited various dating sites on the internet to find great love.

farve (51) dk

In my search, I had come across various more or less serious dating sites. Some promised that I would find great love, while others were just websites where you could write a small text about yourself and upload a picture of yourself to their database.

These dating websites became bland very fast as there were no serious profiles on those websites. However, I went on some romantic dates, but without the very big chemistry between us, since many of the profiles 

almost seemed like a lifestyle of being single and in their free time being invited on different romantic dates.

After trying various dates, I had become very discouraged, since I really wanted to find a partner who also would like to create a family, if not now, then maybe just in the future.

In the world of dating, there may be many pitfalls, so it required a little homework not just to use the first agency I found on Google. In this regard, I found Happy Life, which sounded credible to me. It was a good experience when I wrote to Happy Life for the first time and told them about myself and about my wishes and dreams for my future. I was taken very well and met understanding and respect from the first contact.

It is important here to determine that Happy Life is a matchmaking agency that personally knows all those profiles they have in their database. Therefore, Happy Life doesn't have a lot of profiles about whom you don’t even know whether they really want a serious relationship or not.

Happy Life helped me right from the first contact and further with all my questions.  They helped right from the first step, they helped me to choose some good profile pictures of myself, afterward to formulate the first letter, and then with visits, visas and other questions, I've had along the way.

Soon it will be a year as I'm married to the most wonderful Russian woman, who is giving me all that I've ever wanted. There still has not been a second I've been doubting that she is the only one for me in this world.

By the way, my wife was among the three profiles I was invited by Happy Life to contact after my first inquiry! Therefore, it can’t be said more clearly - Happy Life knows what they are doing!

READ original testimonial in Danish 


Giovani (Italy, 54 years old) and Lana (Omsk-Moscow, 49 years old)


I am writing to you from sunny Sicily :)) Giovani and I live in a small town near Syracuse city. Yes, yes, is the one where Archimedes was born and lived ...

I really love Giovanni, I like his human qualities such as decency, attentiveness and he is just a good man !!! You can say that I was able to fall in love with him and this my feeling is mutual :)) I get used to a new life in a quiet way ... The most important thing now this is my beloved man !!! Careful, attentive! I really like this part of my life !! Wake up and fall asleep in arms of my beloved one... We got married officially!

Girls, most importantly, I want to tell you many thanks !!!! Human, female! For the opportunity to make my life full and saturated! After all, I have not been married for 20 years ...
For the opportunity to love and be loved! For the opportunity to find a woman's happiness!

Giovani should to do a lot and learn together, but most importantly we were able to find each other.  A girl from the snow-covered Siberia and the southern hot temperamental Italian! If I 'll tell someone, they will not believe... even I still do not believe.

Oleg (Omsk, 38 years old)

Elena, good day! I want to express my gratitude for our cooperation. It was very comfortable and pleasant to work with you (I will recommend Your Agency to their friends). I wish you good luck and prosperity!


Elena Grande: a Personal example 

Over 5 years of work of our Agency more than once heard the question: "Are you married?". Sometimes the impression that this is the only indicator of the success of the Agency and many were only waiting for the day when I the full review

Marina (Moscow, 41 years old) and Antonio (Brussels, 54 years old)

The sweet gift and flowers with nice wishes)

Olga, I sincerely thank you for your important and necessary work.

I wish you success and prosperity to your business and appreciating сlients)))

М и А

Ekaterina (Moscow, 31) and Oleg (Omsk, 36)

My dear, amazing, precious fairy girls! Today Oleg proposed to me and we decided to marry!!!! We are so happy no words can describe! Thank you so much for your help and advice!!!! I wanted so much to tell you this news first, I am sure you will be sincerely happy for us! Million thanks!!! We think you make miracles! Oleg sends his warm greetings! We’ll send you pictures!

Alexander (36 years old, Moscow) and Olga (30 years old, Omsk)

We got a message about the newborn baby boy!

Marina and Elena, today at 9 are I became the mother of a wonderful baby! Weight -2870 g, hight-  49 sm


Marina (35 years old, Omsk-Novosibirsk) and Alexander (age 43, St. Petersburg)

Ahhhh, I’m so happy!!! Girls, love is the greatest feeling in the world! I should really have come to you earlier and become so mad with happiness!!! Thanks for being there, thank you for helping people find each other, thank you for your advice and such a gentle, thoughtful attitude! You are the best!!!


Marina (Omsk, 36 years old) and Dmitry (Saint-Petersburg, 50 years)

Hi Elena, I am going to visit Dmitry in St. Petersburg in two days. He invited me. Wish me good luck!! :) I hope so much for a deep mutual sympathy… :)

Yes, I am already back. I liked Dmitry a lot :) and even though our relationship hasn’t gone far yet, I can already say that he is 100% the man I want to have beside me. 

Thanks to the agency, it was such a pleasure for me to feel the manly spirit, to walk around charming places, to feel his care, to talk about this and that and imagine he’s my husband :))))

Sergei (age 45, Moscow) and Olga (34 years old, Moscow)

"Thanks to marriage agency Happy Life and especially to Olga for helping me find my princess! You are real professionals in your business!"

Olga (Omsk, 26 years old) and Alexander (Moscow, 34 years)

Dear girls! You can’t even imagine how grateful I am to you! How my life changed dramatically thanks to your sincere support and truly willing to help! and of course thanks to meeting Sasha! I take it back about me knowing for sure how to treat a man and not needing others’ advice. I honestly believed that a good university degree, life experience and my favorite books on psychology made me know everything. That’s not true! It is great that you didn’t give up and kept telling me the ugly truth. I really feel different now, womanly, light, airy girl, and now also loving and loved! Love is the best feeling in the world! Me and Sasha, we are happy to have met each other thanks to you! Now I realize that my search and anxious waiting for “that special one” wasn’t in vain! My groom is just the best! We both thank you so much! Will send you photos from our wedding for sure :)

Natalia (Omsk, 28 years old) and Antonio (35, Italy)

Good evening, Lena!!!

I have just come back home…

How was our meeting? It was just perfect!!!!

He proposed to me – gave me an engraved ring… made an engraving on his ring and mine

But Lena, what should I do next… I liked him very, very much. But when it all suddenly became so real… 


Marina (Omsk, 36 years old) and Alexander (Moscow, 51)

Elena, I wonder how you always find the right words of support, even after your letters I feel lighter. That is your gift. Anyway, I am thankful to the Agency for these amazing two months of exciting expectation of love. After three years of stagnation, it was a breath of fresh air, I went to beauty parlors and enjoyed myself incredibly :)  It is such a pleasure to meet intelligent, educated, self-made men who are eager and ready for a serious relationship. Alexander promised to come to Omsk after holidays, but we aren’t certain about the yet since he didn’t know when he can get free. But we brought our meeting into the discussion a few times, and I think it will eventually happen. And for now, he sent me 101 roses as a holiday gift )))

Natalia (Krasnoyarsk, 35 years) and Stevan (age 37, Serbia)

We got a message about a newborn baby girl!

Hi, dear Lena and Marina! Yesterday, on 24th March, was a 1 year anniversary of our wedding with Stevan, and also yesterday, at 8 p.m., our daughter Sofia was born, her weight is 2900 grams.

Н и С


Alex (35, Omsk) and Anna (age 29, Omsk)

настя и иван

Hi, Marina and Lena! I want to share with you a wonderful event in our life :)))) We are getting married on 13th December!!! Thank you for your help, it was a pleasure to know you! If you want something really much and are looking forward to it, you will definitely get it!!! With Alexey, I understood what true happiness for a woman is! Thank You!  

(07/27/2017 Alex and Anna became parents! The baby boy was born!)

Nadezhda (Omsk, 42 years old) and Oleg (St. Petersburg, 55 years old)

Elena! Good afternoon!! I have gone to St. Petersburg!))) Oleg is a wonderful person, he gave me 3 beautiful days in such beauty! I really liked him.  He is already waiting for me and my daughter on New Year's in St. Petersburg)  Even if it does not work out, I'm grateful to you for our match!  Thank you for this journey, that I'm passing along with you and with your support. Let your kindness which you create - return to your happiness, harmony, and health!


John (52, Australia) and Olga (48, Omsk)

James and Natali A big hello from Australia :)) it is a while since we met. However, today Olga and I had some fantastic news !!! Moscow Australian Embassy opened her Bride Visa !!!!! I want to thank you, Elena and Marina, for helping us to meet !!!! Olga is the love of my life !!!! It took me only 4 days to know exactly what kind of future we would have !!!

This has been a long 14 months, and many letters to Big Politicians and Human Rights Commission, but, I am Australian, and I would never give up on my Olga :) Our wedding is planned for 14th February 2017, so we will send you some photos !!! It will be held on the Beach in my City  !!!

Kindest Regards, John




Sergey (38 years old, Omsk-Moscow) and Victoria (30 years.)

I met my fortune and finally understood what it means to be happy. My boyfriend is from Omsk, but he is currently living in Moscow. After two months’ chatting and one meeting on May holidays we spent a holiday together in June, now we are thinking about how and where to organize our life together. I would like to thank you for your support and understanding. It is incredible how you changed me, I have really become a whole different person, regarding my look, and perception of the world, and my attitude towards life. Thank you for being there and doing this! I sincerely wish you success, prosperity, and love. Your work is priceless, you give others the most important thing – the feeling of happiness! (28.06.2016)


Ignacio (41 years, Spain) and Lena (34 years, Omsk-Moscow)

I am very glad that I listened to my friend’s advice and contacted you. Honestly, I was skeptical in the beginning because I didn’t think I need help from matchmakers. I really thought that marriage agencies are just making money from those men who are lack of confidence. I was wrong! You both are true professionals. Today, my Lena accepted my proposal! She is the most amazing girl that I’ve ever meet. It was worth it to travel half of the world. We invite you to attend our wedding, which will take place on September 2016. Thank you again!  (23.05.2016)  


Natalia (Krasnoyarsk, 35 years) and Stevan (age 37, Serbia)

image-30-06-16-13-17-2Marina and Elena!

Thank you so much!

Yesterday we had our civil marriage ceremony with Stevan. Our wedding is planned for June/July.

We are so happy and thankful to you for getting to know each other! We are not ashamed of having met in a dating agency, so you can place our review and photo in the public domain :)


Dear Marina & Elena

Natalia and I get married yesterday. The ceremony was very nice without a lot of people. In June or July, we will also do the ceremony in a church. We send you a few photos from our wedding. Big THANKS for helping us to meet each other and finally make a family. We wish you good luck in a future life, happiness in love and success in your work. I hope we will meet each other all together and celebrate.

Warm regards,
Natalia & Stevan

Pictures from the Orthodox wedding ceremony

Pictures from the wedding


Oksana (32 years old, Moscow)

Girls, I came back so happyyyy! Writing you at once :)))

Well, what can I say… I’m just out of words! :)))) I am just so happy that I was first to come to see him… of course, I wish it all goes well, he has a very nice personality, so serious, rational, calm, responsible, he cares about me. And I am just happy that it happened in my life, to be treated like that by a man, to experience all this attention, care, tenderness, respect. I feel so full, glad and joyful, honestly, it’s for the first time that I feel like that in a relationship with a man.

We stayed in a luxurious hotel in the mountains! I’d say it was Heaven on Earth. We walked up to the mountains, such as outstanding beauty. And yet what amazed me the most, even more than all this beauty, was his attitude towards me. I know that there are good things ahead of me. And of course it hurts, it really hurts to think of wonderful Russian women, that they don’t know any other life… they often feel no care, no respect, no affection, so I bow to you for everything you do for your noble objective! Our women are truly very, very beautiful and loving… they deserve a happy marriage to a man who values them, keeps them safe and treat them as goddesses of beauty!

So stay positive! I believe that God does all for the best, so let it be :))) I don’t regret a single thing…! Just happy!!!!

Big big THAAAANK YOUUU!!! :)

(Oksana, 19.12.2015)


Mario (age 48, Italy) and Svetlana (age 39, Omsk)

I want to thank you again for your assistance during my stay in Omsk. You were very kind and helpful. I tried to find my true love for 3 years. I finally met her Svetlana in Omsk. She is very beautiful, educated, well-mannered, and, most importantly, she loves me for real. And I love her with all my heart. My discovery of Omsk was a real surprise. Before arriving, I was afraid of traveling to Siberia. Rather, everything worked out perfectly. Your arrangement allowed me to experience the city as all the best tourist areas smoothly. Siberia is actually full of rich traditions and legends that deserve to be discovered. In summary, my visit to Omsk was fascinating and unique. It was an unforgettable moment fond. I would recommend others to give it a try. I decided to propose to my Svetlana when she arrives in Italy. Thank you again for everything. I'm sure your clients will certainly find their love with your assistance because you are true professionals and provide great services. (20.02.2016)


Anastasia (36 years old, Omsk) and Eladio (44 years old, Barcelona)

Катя Омск и Хавьер Испания_3

In May 2015 I came to the marriage agency Happy Life to meet a man and get married. I saw their commercial on the Internet, and I liked their style, the modernity of their video, look, and competence of the girls, its owners, and also positive reviews about this agency. They suggested me a few candidates immediately, one of them attracted me with his kind eyes and smile. To be a full review


Tatiana (32 years old, Omsk) and Andrew (42 years old, Omsk)

Marina and Elena, Hello.

I decided) I Want to thank you Dating that was with your help, gave me good moments and allowed us to feel more feminine.

Tanya (30.11.2015)


Oksana (36 years old, Omsk) and Giovanni (age 47, Italy)

Hello Marina and Elena.

I moved to Italy. Now I live there, not far from Rome, in a beautiful town in the mountains, in a cottage.

The relationship is developing well. We are planning to officially get married in December.

I would like to thank you once again for your job. I wish you success in your business from all my heart!

Best regards, Oksana (17.11.2015)

Marina (31 years old, Omsk, Russia) and Alexander (age 33, Moscow)

Dear Elena and Marina, many thanks to you for introducing me to Alexander. No words can describe how happy I am since I met my beloved soulmate. I wish success to you and prosperity to your marriage agency. I want to tell you that love and decency exist! You just should never give up and keep searching for your soulmate, no matter what! (12.08.2015)


Svetlana (35 years.)

I also want to express my sincere thanks to Marina and Elena for giving people hope for a brighter future where they can become happy. Thank You so much and God give you the best in your life!


Anna (29 years old, Omsk) and Daniel (age 36, Netherlands)

Marina and Elena, thanks a million for organizing our meeting and building our couple. Thank you for your understanding, help, and patience. You showed me a different side of life and let me see the connection between me and another person. And I found such a person! I am happy and can say for sure, ‘What goes around comes around.’ I had my gift from Fortune! My man is the best in the entire world. I wish you many grateful clients, prosperity, happy couples.

Anna, Mach 2014

Maria (32 years old, Omsk) and Noel (age 42, United States)

photo2 "In April 2015 was an important day in my life – the official marriage with a man who for me is not just my soulmate, a man with a capital letter. I met my husband through a marriage Agency "happy life". I admit that went a long way to his woman's happiness and spent a great deal of internal work on myself, went through many trials, disappointments, but never lose hope to find True Love..." read full review


Stepan (30 years old, Omsk, Russia) and Anna (30 years old)

Good afternoon, Marina and Elena! We made a happy couple together with Anna! I found what I was searching for! Thank You, please delete my and Anna’s profiles. (11.04.2015)

Vladimir (age 40, Cheboksary)

Hello! I just want to express my admiration. I guess I never met people like Marina before. Such a warm and kind person. Good luck with your kind and useful activity!

Maria (31 years old, Omsk)

Dear Girls, I am deeply grateful to you for helping us meet each other, he is my second half, my soulmate that I was looking for so long. Now I am happy as my beloved man proposed to me and accepted my kid as his own. It is amazing how close you can feel with someone from the other part of the world. Thank You so much for Your priceless work! You are my little angels! I wish health and happiness to your loved ones, peace in your families and all the best for you, my dear girls! May your Agency be wealthy and rich with joyful reviews from your clients!

Maria and Noel officially engaged on 20th December 2014.


Natalia (31 years old)

Good afternoon!

I met my fortune and finally understood what it means to be happy... My boyfriend is from Omsk, but he is currently living in Moscow. After two months’ chatting and one meeting on the May holidays we spent a holiday together in June, now we are thinking about how and where to organize our life together. I would like to thank you for your support and understanding. It is incredible how you changed me, I have really become a whole different person, regarding my look, and perception of the world, and my attitude towards life. Thank you for being there and doing this!!!!! I wanted to come by, but never had time, the last two months were crazy… I sincerely wish you success, prosperity, and love!!!!!!! Your work is priceless, you give others the most important thing – the feeling of happiness!!!!! That is so amazing!!!!!
Natasha, July 2014 


Alexander (35 years, Omsk-Moscow) and Marina (age 29, Omsk)

My dear Lena and Marina! Thank You so much for introducing me to Sasha. No words can describe how happy I am since I met my beloved soulmate. I wish success to you and prosperity to your marriage agency. I want to tell others that love and decency exist! You just should never give up and keep searching for your soulmate, no matter what :))

Marina, June 2014 


Andrew (37 years old, Omsk, Russia) and Elena (28 years old, Omsk)

Dear Marina and Elena!

I am so glad that my friend recommended your agency to me. To be honest, I was skeptical about “intermediaries” interfering in love affairs (no offense). I really thought that marriage agencies are for unconfident men who can’t move on someone. I admit that I was wrong! You are magic women, you are fairies! You are the real professionals. Today I proposed to me beloved Lenochka!!! She is the most wonderful girl I ever met, even though I’ve seen so many places in the world. We would like to invite YOU to our wedding which takes place on September 2014. THANK YOU so much again!

Andrey, May 2014 



Alexander (49 years old, Omsk, Russia) and Elena (35 years.)

Hello Marina and Elena,

Our relationship with Alexander is moving forward :)

I am glad to know you, thanks to you, I and Sasha met.

Warm hugs and wishes of joy and luck to you in your wonderful work.

I think we will see each other again :)

Elena, May 2014


Angelina (32, Omsk, Russia) and Artem (43, Novosibirsk)



"Dear Marina and Elena!

Thank You so much! You helped me meet Artyom! I found my most wonderful man in all the world! My husband is the kindest, the most careful, the man I’ve been looking for all my life! It is a wonder that we met despite living in different cities. Now I know what it means when people say, ‘You can’t escape your Destiny. I am happy. I am SO grateful to YOU. Your work is very important and needed! Especially for those who want to find their soulmate in this World.

Wish You wealth and more happy couples!

Best regards, Angelina "

Angelina, January 2014

Angelina and Artyom got married on 13th December 2013 in Novosibirsk.


Wedding Angelina and Artem took place on 13 December 2013 in Novosibirsk

Angelina, January 2014


Maria (age 28, Barnaul)

"I am deeply thankful for my destiny and to You personally. Even if we don’t get on well with Anatoliy, it is a pleasure for me to talk to him, and that is already a reason why this experience wasn’t in vain:))

I am on a train on my way home now. I wish you all the best and success in your profession! "

Maria, January 2014


Tatiana (age 38, Omsk)

“Tastes differ. But it’s not just your modern website and other little things that make you stand out… Most important is, you are very tactful, delicate, and warm. That is true. I am not flattering you. You are just welcoming, youк openness makes me want to share everything with you, to ask for advice. No matter if the question is delicate, no matter what I’m quite a reserved person. Your attitude to people is such a rare thing”.


Noel (age 39, United States New York) and Maria (30 years.)

Mary and I, Noel, I would like to express our gratitude for the organization of our in-person meeting and, more importantly, helping us to find true love.
In late November 2012, Maria answered his first letter. We exchanged our e-mails and our Skype addresses. Since then, we talked every day, and affection for each other is increasing rapidly.
I decided to see my Mary in Omsk (Russia) at the end of April 2013. Happy life helped me to professionally arrange my trip. I met his elegant Mary at the airport. We spent 4 wonderful days together, which is confirmed by our mutual love. We are planning on another trip together.
We are very happy together and I want to thank you very much, again, for a happy life to give us the opportunity to build our own happy life.

Noel. May 2013


Paul (41 years old, Omsk, Russia) and Natalia (34 years old, Omsk)

Marina and Elena, thank you a lot for your help, attention and your hard work. Only thanks to your persistent efforts we found each other with Natasha. The funny thing is, we went to the same fitness club for a long time but never met there. Natalia is so special, I’ve been looking for this woman for years. I wasn’t lonely, moreover, on my job and position, I was surrounded by lots of lovely girls. But I was looking for a special one, not just the one to share total understanding, passion, and interests with, but also a spiritually close person. I found it all in Natasha. I wish you luck, wealth, and lots of thankful clients who will meet with the help of your agency.

Paul, April 2013


getImageOksana (33 years old, Omsk, Russia) and Igor (36)

I want to thank you from all my heart to Happy Life! You helped me find a man who made me happy! Before career and work were my meaning of life; now it’s Igor, my love to him, the family! I think every woman wants to love and be loved, but not everyone gets it. Some live the whole life without meeting their only one, but I did, thanks to efforts of Marina and Elena! My man lives in another city, but this wasn’t a boundary on our way. As they say, ‘Love knows no boundary or distance’. As we met, we knew that we had been waiting for each other for our whole lives, we feel so good together, we are happy!

We celebrated New Year 2013 together with my loved man and my new friends. And of course, we made a toast to the dear girls from Happy Life, the ones who gave us a chance to meet!

Oksana, January 2013


Catherine (age 29, Omsk) and Marco (age 39, Italy)

New Year 2013 started with a big event – Marco came to our town from ITALY! Despite mid-January hard frosts and 5000 km distance, he flew to his girlfriend Ekaterina. That was their first meeting after a long time chatting by e-mail and on Skype.

You should have seen the scene of their first meeting at the airport! That was SUCH A TOUCHING moment! Two persons from different parts of the world finally met and understood that they are each other’s halves. You understand it without a word… It was the first time in Russia for Marco, and he was amazed at white snow covering Omsk, the Russian ritual of bathing in cold river during Epiphany. He walked side by side with his beloved Russian bride along quiet streets of Omsk, sparkling with street lights. The couple later confessed that these 4 days were the happiest in their lives. Now they can’t imagine their lives without each other. We are so glad to have helped Katya and Marco meet. We wish that their feelings grow stronger and their dreams come true! We know that every man finds their happiness sooner or later, we just need an intention and a little courage to change our life to the best. We thank Ekaterina and Marco for letting us publish their story on our website.

Below you will see Ekaterina’s review.

“What am I thinking about? What is going on with me? Of course, I am happy! But let’s get back to it later. First of all, I am endlessly thankful to lovely ladies Marina and Elena! If it wasn’t for them, our meeting may have never taken place!

I also want to thank them for organizing the meeting and providing a rich cultural program and strong emotional support… Alright, now let’s get back to my story.

In my opinion, happiness for a woman is like a slight shade fragrant smell, harmoniously completing her image. Woman’s happiness is an exclusive mix of her inner spiritual beauty and youth, her eyes shining with a million bright sparks and everyone around feels those magical vibes called Happiness…

I am so grateful to my man, it’s him who gave me happy when he made his way of 5000 km from Italy to snowy frosty Siberia… And he has never even been to Russia… I am grateful to him for these wonderful days in our life. Forgoing to the cinema, playing bowling, watching ballet together, for inspiring conversations during the walk across museums, for romantic dates in winter streets at night.

Some of you may wonder about the language barrier? Simply said, we build these barriers ourselves… When the two seek to understand each other, when they feel a spiritual bond, there are no boundaries…
Not only did I feel attractive and desired (in a good sense) beside this wonderful man, but also a little child surrounded with love and care…

You may argue that it’s impossible – a stranger, a foreign land with its traditions and mentality… But we are humans first of all. No matter what your nationality is when you are educated, smart, well-brought and dream of love and being loved…

It’s as simple as can be, the relations shouldn’t be based on calculations, it is heartfelt. Feel a person with your soul, accept them as they are…

I don’t want to go deeper, just want to say that everything is great! Our meeting was a new stage in the development of our relationship.”

Ekaterina, January 2013



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