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  • Are you a serious person for whom true love and family values still paramount? Looking for an effective matchmaking service?
  • Do you have the image of the ideal and desirable partner in your head? Do you want to meet the gorgeous "soulmate of your dreams", even she/he is beyond your league today?
  • Do you believe that your time is a priceless resource, which never replenished? You do not have the opportunity to devote 24/7 to search, analyze, and verify potential candidates to find the "best of the best"?
  • Do you want to get the most targeting result in a short period of time, delegating the work to real professionals?
  • Are you ready to change your life now enjoying it with your loved one?
The Upscale Happy Life matchmaking service in the USA and Europe glad to introduce you with a partner of your dreams today. Do not postpone your happiness for later.

It is your decision whether you are ready to stop being alone and become a happy family person with the high efficient professional matchmaking service. As many of our couples, who already found their true happiness.

The upscale Happy Life matchmaking service will help you to meet a beautiful Russian woman, gorgeous Ukrainian girl or another Slavic woman, who lives in the USA or overseas.






gemma   In 2013 in Interregionalm QUALITY competition "the Best goods and services of Siberia - GEMMA". The Happy Life matchmaker was noted and recommended to participate in the Siberian region in the nomination "Services of matchmaking area Data were obtained from monitoring of goods and services, held in the territory of regions of the Siberian Federal district, Volga Federal district, Ural Federal district, far Eastern Federal district in Russia. Monitoring activities conducted by the Commission, which includes the Administration of the subjects, municipalities, municipal governments. Top matchmaker in Russia.